What We Do

Fund Administration Services
We offer comprehensive fund administration services to investment funds, asset managers, and financial institutions. Our services encompass fund accounting, performance measurement, regulatory compliance, technology-driven operations, annual audits, and investor services. With a strong emphasis on accuracy and transparency, our fund accounting ensures precise daily calculations of the Net Asset Value (NAV) and meticulous financial record-keeping. We support clients with navigating complex regulatory frameworks, ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Leveraging advanced technology and robust data management systems, we optimize operations, adhering to industry standards for trade processing, cash management, and reconciliation. Through close collaboration with auditors, we facilitate seamless annual audits and deliver financial statements that comply with accounting requirements. Our investor services encompass onboarding, subscription and redemption processing, investor reporting, and comprehensive record-keeping, all designed to prioritize investor satisfaction and effective communication. Our commitment lies in delivering tailored and comprehensive fund administration services that empower our clients to navigate the financial landscape with confidence, supported by our focus on excellence, advanced technology, and skilled team.

Corporate Strategy
A company’s corporate strategy is as essential as it gets. Kook Capital has helped companies refine and execute their strategies, setting them on the path to sustainable value creation. Kook Capital has been advising on corporate strategy and has supported many strategy projects. We use rigorous, fact-based analyses to help companies create actionable strategic plans that focus on value creation. We always take an end-to-end perspective toward value creation, integrating our world-class capabilities in business strategy, corporate finance, transactions and organization. Kook Capital customizes our approach based on an understanding of your business and situation.

Financial Reviews & Modelling
Financial Reviews & Modelling is one of our services and the purpose is to give the company, its advisors and its financial and other creditors an up-to-date and accurate understanding of the company’s current financial position. The review and modelling aims to look at the company’s prospects going forward, in terms of its profitability, its cashflow, its working capital needs and the ability of management to successfully manage the company out of its difficulties.

Business and Financial Due Diligence
We offer transaction support to buyers or investors by identifying and understanding key value drivers, risks, and opportunities that matter most. Our due diligence approach goes beyond accounting and incorporates a detailed assessment of financial, business, and operating risks. We seek to deliver results that allow for decisions to be made based on fact while identifying actionable insights. Our professionals can also offer transactions support sell side process by identifying and addressing financial and business risks before a buyer/investor is involved in the transaction and diligence commences. We work with management and strategic advisors to review and present our findings in the most efficient manner to minimize client interruptions or surprises and discuss the potential impact of our findings to ensure our clients are well positioned to drive value for stakeholders in a transaction.

Corporate & Business Services
As a busy entrepreneur focused on nurturing a start up or expanding a business, you will not need the distractions of managing the administrative or regulatory compliance matters of your company. Kook Capital provides business support services to address these needs. We offer company formation (domestic and offshore), company secretarial, book-keeping, accounting, and trademark applications services.